Showcase: A powerful, bespoke client communication portal

Key to effective client management is the ability to ENGAGE, INFORM and RETAIN. This is how we enable the process:

Martin - Head of Development, Pro-Marketeers

"We put client communication at the heart of everything you do."

The Requirement

Power Legal are a rapidly expanding company dealing with a high volume of new and existing customers on a weekly basis. With growth comes increased overheads of client communication, management and visibility. The requirement was to automate the client on-boarding process as much as possible with a self-serve approach and 360-degree visibility of the status of each case.

What we did

We created a client management portal for all three parties in the commercial no win no fee process. The client creates their enquiry from the simple public-facing enquiry form and is led through to provide more details and create their account. At each stage, they can see on their dashboard where they are in the process. The business can see the status of all clients at a glance and the solicitors can see the status of their own clients within the system.

The results

Quite simply, more throughput, less time, more visibility. The dashboard shows what has been undertaken, what is outstanding and who needs to do what for every case. Each party gets to see only the information they need in order to have visibility over their case(s). It makes it simple for the client to know where they are in the process and the business to be able to manage a high volume of cases with clarity and ease.

Key to success developing any technical platform is to focus upon core problems and resolve these in the simplest way. It is not about filling the box with as many features as possible. 
Clinton Porter - Head of Digital Strategy, Pro-Marketeers

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